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About Kagga & Partners

I welcome you to Kagga & Partners online.

For the period 2019 - 2020 our major focus has been put on streamlining our work processes and reviewing our operational models to strategically position the firm in a strong position to address the most critical demands of our business.

We have continued to reaffirm that the greatest and most important asset we have is the high quality and long and varied experience of our Team which has continued to demonstrate our high level of professionalism wherever we have executed assignments- providing innovative, intelligent and sustainable solutions even to the most complex tasks. This has sustained KAGGA to be the consultant of choice to many of our clients.

We continue to value the importance of our relationships with all our fellow professional partners and associate both locally and internationally.

We are aware that the market is always undergoing significant and continuous changes which affect the way business should be done. I however believe that with our evolving strategies and energetic Team, we will continue to make the bold steps necessary to address the challenges like we have done in the past. 

I believe and assure you that the future for KAGGA is indeed bright. We will rise to our challenges by realising the benefits of our revised strategic focus, improved structures and our ever improving working models. Our focus will be on delivering against and beyond the expectations of our clients while carefully managing our processes. As a matter of policy, we will continue giving back to communities were we work through our Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

We will keep true to our Mission of Leveraging our current strength and pursuing emerging opportunities in a professional manner.

I sincerely thank our current clients and associates for your trust and consideration and extend an invitation to our potential clients to have confidence in our ever improving and innovative services.

Yours Sincerely,

Eng. Abdu Kagga